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Corinth Canal.  Completed in 1893, it cuts across the Isthmus of Corinth.Stoupa and NeochoriAgios Nikolaos, a small fishing village close to StoupaIonic Sea sunsetOur favorite Greek Salad at the local Neochori Taverna.A Maniot Tower in the mountain village of Kastania.  Used for defense from pirates and feuds with neighbors.Small Byzantine church dedicated to St. John the Baptist outside of KastaniaFrescoes inside this small church.Frescoes inside this small church.DSC_4555.JPGDSC_4553.JPGDSC_4592.JPGDSC_4594.JPGKastania womanDSC_4581.JPGOlive orchardAncient beehives outside NeochoriOur neighbors in Neochori.  They gathered every evening for "lively conversation".Neighbor lady #1Neighbor lady #2

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