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Created 27-Nov-07
Modified 4-Apr-17
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Wandering around Seattle and Tacoma recently, I was drawn to the inspiring iconic views, and intriguing interplay of art and architecture.  Taken from a variety of vantage points but viewed as a whole, these images represent a geographic identity or "sense of place" that I found compelling.  A retrospective google search educated me, enhancing my appreciation of the art and architecture in the pictures, and helped me understand my initial inspiration.

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Mono Space ExperienceExperience Music Project and MonorailFremont TrollThe Fremont RocketVerticalityMusicians in Plymouth Pillars ParkMerry Christmas"Father and Son"Vista from Kerry ParkBlack Sun-NoguchiSt. Ignatious ChapelSt. Ignatious ChapelOsme Coffee Shop"Eagle" by Calder"Shall we dance?"High DiveRainTriangleGas Works Park